Noah Guthrie’s ‘Among The Wildest Things’ Album

Noah Guthrie. Who he be? Well, he’s pretty much a no-name. But I’m here to make him into a…yes-name…

Okay, here’s the deal. Noah Guthrie starred in the last season of Glee as a character named Roderick. Noah had a really interesting voice, one that Glee hadn’t heard before. Curious about this new cast member, I looked him up and found his YouTube channel where he posted covers. He had also posted his original songs, an album called ‘Among The Wildest Things’ from 2013. So I gave them a listen.

Guys. They were good. I rediscovered them a few weeks ago. I found it made for great study music. You know, when you’re copying out study notes and you just need some background music that’s interesting enough to not just fade into the background fully but not distract you from work. It’s also great music for really listening to and enjoying.

These songs are catchy and sweet and go from a smooth ballad to a song with some electric guitar. It’s a great mix.

‘Among The Wildest Things’ has thirteen songs and they’re all good. I’m really picky about music and it’s rare for me to like a whole album, but I enjoyed all these songs. Of course I liked some more than others, but that’s expected.

Here are a few of my favourites, so y’all can hear the awesomeness that is Noah Guthrie.

Aren’t these just amazing? Noah is so talented and his voice is so unique. I hope he’s working on a new album because his original music is fantastic! Hear the rest of his songs here, his covers here or buy his songs on iTunes here. 🙂

That’s all for now!


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