My Relationship With Marvel

I saw Avengers: Age Of Ultron today. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it!

But I sat in the theater waiting for the movie and I was thinking about how my life has changed so much since the first Avengers movie in regards to Marvel.

Truth time: I used to dislike superhero movies. You see, I am bothered by predictable movies and most superhero movies go the same way: attractive (and usually nerdy) male gets powers and tries to stop bad guy while keeping identity a secret, hooking up with a hot chick in the middle and never dying no matter what the danger. And while that theory does still hold water for the most part, I’ve come to see that sometimes, superhero movies are more than that and can actually be really cool.

My dad took the family to see the first Avengers a week or two after it came out way back in 2012. He said it had gotten great reviews so we should see it. I protested because why would I, an active disliker of superhero movies, want to see one that involves several? Especially when I knew very little about them? I had maybe seen the first Iron Man and that Hulk movie ages before, but I didn’t recall much from either. But I went anyways, and I was confused, of course, but something magical happened too. I liked the movie. It was funny and interesting and well put together and I even almost cried when Pepper wouldn’t answer Tony’s phone call. I left the theater with no ragrets regrets.

And that was it, for a while. I liked the movie and would say so to anyone who asked, but that was it. Until my friend saw the movie. She liked it too, but her like reflected on her Tumblr page, where she would reblog many, many Avengers things, from art to gifs to jokes to theories. I didn’t have Tumblr, but I would go through hers and over time, I came to learn and understand so much more about Avengers and Marvel. And then Agents Of SHIELD was announced. You see, the Avengers fandom was very passionate about Phil Coulson not being dead and so when this show about Coulson not being dead came into existence, it was exciting. Though I didn’t care much for Coulson one way or another, I decided to watch the show’s premiere, if for nothing more than to bond with my friend.

When the show started, my friend didn’t even watch. But I did and I kept doing so out of boredom. I didn’t really watch shows that didn’t involve singing or straight up comedy, so it was new. But then episode 1×06 happened (‘F.Z.Z.T.’) and I changed. I realized how much I cared for these characters, and consequently the show, and that was it, man. That was the start. I don’t care what people say, this show was gold from the start, not just near the end of S1 (like, yes it did pick up and get crazy cool and complicated, but I liked the early episodes too!). Another friend watched the show too and we bonded real good over that. Like, I’m pretty sure our friendship is 95% TV shows now. Either way, I dove into the show. I started interacting with fans, getting to know the names of the cast, learning about how the show works, and then I realized that this show was unlike anything I had experienced before because this show had history. Marvel dates back over 50 years ago and I knew very little.

I’m learning. Slowly. I’ve seen all the movies related to the Avengers gang, and can list facts and trivia for them. They’re the most relevant ones to Agents Of SHIELD and to society, so I can now hold my own in a conversation. And when something outside of Avengers circle comes into play, I’m quick to pull up a Wikia article and get a basic understanding. You’d think that this age-old Marvel fandom would be pretentious and upset about all these randoms like me trying to get in on it, but they’re not. From what I’ve seen, people are more than happy to explain a concept or character to you and theorize about the future.

In the grand scheme of things, I still know very little, but am proud to know what I know. If it relates to Agents Of SHIELD and Avengers, I can probably talk to you (passionately) about it for a while. Likewise with Marvel’s two other shows that I happily watched, Agent Carter and Daredevil. Two shows that I would have never watched three years ago. And here I am now. Marvel TV trash.

And it doesn’t just stop at Marvel. I’m learning a bit about DC as well. Though I’m more team Marvel, I do know a bit about the other side. I watch and enjoy The Flash and there’s a fair chance I may watch Supergirl this fall (what is it with Glee cast members becoming DC heroes?). I know enough about Arrow, though I’ve only seen 5 episodes. I also know some facts about Batman and Superman and co., thanks to the shenanigans of Team Starkid. Just two weeks ago I had debates with a few guys at dinner about Batman and superheroes. Like, I was actually able to do that. Cool. And my best friends recently got some PS4 game called Injustice: Gods Among Us (…I think) which was basically Super Smash Bros Brawl with DC characters. I’m known to not care about the PS4 so I’m sure they were all shocked when I picked up the controller and played. The fact that I was able to recognize over half the characters was cool.

I guess the moral of the story is not to get too caught up in the cookie-cutter plots because sometimes those cookies can still be really delicious. Marvel (and DC) may have some flaws in their works, but the characters and ideas and stories are usually pretty original and fun. Agents Of SHIELD is my favourite show on the air and the fact that Marvel is so big right now means I’ll have many more years of awesomeness to look forward to.

And coming full circle back to Age Of Ultron…It was cool. I liked the first one more, but this one had the classic humour, some interesting new characters, and hit some emotional levels. I’m excited to see the gang again in Captain America 3.

So tell me, dear readers, what’s your relationship with Marvel (or DC) like and how did it come to be?


11 thoughts on “My Relationship With Marvel

  1. I’m such a superhero geek! I love superhero movies, TV shows, whatever. If I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere, I’d go to a convention all dressed up. I’m more of a DC girl, myself, on TV; I’m Marvel on the big screen, though. (Comedy and superheroes…Heaven! Antman and Guardians of the Galaxy.) I have not been a fan of the Batman movies, but I’ve watched the Batman Beyond cartoon TV series over and over. Yes, I am an English teacher. Yes, I’m slightly schizo. No, I’m not dangerous. (The English teacher in me is cringing because I’m not italicizing those movie titles, but I’m just not that good at HTML yet. Did that work?)

    • The only DC show I haven’t seen any of is Gotham, but I just feel like DC TV is lacking. The Flash and Supergirl have mediocre writing in terms of the dialogue, and I don’t love Oliver enough to be that into Arrow (though maybe one day I’ll sit down and watch it all).
      And DC movies can’t even compete with Marvel ones, considering it’s just Batman and Superman over and over and over again.
      P.S. HTML takes time and even I haven’t tried it that much, so don’t worry! But yes, the italicizing of ‘yet’ worked!

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