Snuggies. Yes.

Prepare yo’ selves. Because I am about to explain to you the outstanding awesomeness that is The Snuggie. Yes, the blanket with arms. This thing:

Stop laughing. And don’t close the tab; keep reading! Because this is the best thing to be invented since internet.

I was like you once upon a time. I saw the commercials for these and laughed. I thought they were lame. Until I got one. My brother got me one for Christmas. I’m sure it was a joke because every time we saw one at a store I would tell my dad that I needed one and that our household would be lucky to have such a wonderful thing in it. Joking, of course, because he always rolled his eyes and pushed the shopping cart away from the display. I was also gifted this because at the time there was only one blanket in the family room that my brother and I always fought over. Now, with the Snuggie, there’s no need to fight.

I’m on my phone a lot. And I am cold a lot. The problem used to be that if I had a blanket over me, then I couldn’t use my phone unless my arms were out and cold. Who wants cold arms? Not me! The Snuggie solved that because my arms are warm and I can use them! It’s literally everything I want in life.

Ignore what Andy is doing…

And that’s not even the end of the story. Two years after I got my first Snuggie, my brother got me another one. This one was red and made of thick fleece (whereas my first one was thinner and light pink). It’s the Basement Snuggie because it’s a lot colder down there.

The moral of this story is that if you live in a place that has winter or you find your arms cold or you just want to own the coolest thing ever, then get yourself a Snuggie. They’re not expensive, they’re so purposeful (mine have pockets for, like, the TV remote!), and they’re very stylish! I mean, look at these models.

So glamorous. Werk it.

No, I’m joking. Please don’t wear these in public. I’ll be the first to tell you how awesome they are and how much I love mine but I would never wear it in public. They’re like…lingerie! Talk about it, tell people you have it, wear and enjoy it in your house, but don’t wear it in public. Get it?

But I seriously love my Snuggie. Yes, it may look weird, but it’s warm and useful and the world would be a happier place if everyone had one of these things. 10/10 would Snuggie again.

P.S. If you put the Snuggie on backwards (for lying on your stomach or whatnot) it’s like a cool wizard’s robe….so, y’know, bonus!

That’s all for now!

4 thoughts on “Snuggies. Yes.

  1. Laugh out loud post!
    Who knew that a Snuggie would be fodder for a blog post or that it would be so entertaining.Thanks for brightening up a dreary, rainy and cold Monday morning. I agree with the “not to wear out in public” disclaimer by the way. Good advice.

  2. This made my day. My grandmother ordered a Snuggie off the tv when they came out and then never used it, so the proprietary honour was bestowed upon me. And I’m fairly short too, so it goes below my feet and I can tuck right up inside it while watching shows. AND THE POCKET: perfect for remotes and phones and snacks.

    • I actually don’t use the pocket as much as I should. I’m average height and it’s even too long for me. When I get up to do something (like answer the door, a look no one is expecting) I have to bunch it up before I move.

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