I Dared To Watch Daredevil

On April 10th at midnight, 13 episodes of a new Marvel show was released on Netflix. As a huge fan of the two TV shows Marvel has/d on TV already, I gave immediate consideration to watching, but after seeing the trailer, I wasn’t sold. It looked like the basic action movies I normally avoid. When the episodes came out, I waited and read some reviews and opinions and made sure I knew what to expect. I heard good things. So then, for the next few nights as a reward for the exam studying I did during the day, I watched the episodes.

Daredevil according to IMBD: “A blind lawyer, with his other senses superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a costumed superhero.” This marks the first lawyer show I’ve ever watched (unless you count the four or so episodes of Boston Legal that I saw when my mom was rewatching that show years a few ago).

Daredevil was odd for me. It took me nine episodes before I really started to care and really got into it, and that’s long for me. This is likely due to the fact that I had basically no prior knowledge of Daredevil or its comic book-established characters going in. And when watching I was like who dis be? because there were some characters that weren’t explained right away or very well. But don’t let that discourage you.

The thing about Daredevil that really stood out to me, and that really separated it from all other Marvel works, was that it was dark. Not in the lighting sense (well, a little of that too), but in the plot and action sense. It was twisted and creepy, and I was shocked. I was warned beforehand, so I knew not to expect the laughs that Guardians Of The Galaxy gave, but it was darker than expected. Darkness is a reason why I don’t watch DC’s Arrow; the four episodes I’ve seen were just not fun enough and I wasn’t interested. I also don’t really like creepy, dark shows/movies because I get scared easily. I don’t watch any, so Daredevil was a first and maybe a last.

So why did I stay? Why did I make it through all 13 episodes? Well, the bromance between Matt Murdock (the main guy/Daredevil) and Foggy Nelson (his lawyer partner and best friend) was awesome. I love friendships, and this one was great. Foggy, though pretty much the sole comedic element, was my favourite character.

Look how precious!

Also, I was curious as to how this blind man learned to become the crazy, talented, butt-kicking guy. Like, I have sight and I can’t do that or anything close to that! So I stayed for the story as well, and unlike normal origin stories, an explanation wasn’t given at the start, though this wasn’t really an origin story per se.

It’s not my favourite show and I’m not going crazy with anxiety as I wait for next season (assuming it gets one) and hopefully I’ll be able to get the creepy face of Fisk (the main villain) out of my head, but overall, the show was decent and better than I expected. I wish it was like Marvel’s other stuff and was lighter, but Netflix was a new medium so a new style is okay. If you like dark shows, then try this one out. And if you don’t like dark shows but still want to watch this (which I suggest Marvel fans do), watch it during the day. Do not watch it before bed or alone in the dark. Trust me on that one.

Marvel has three more Netflix shows in the works, so after enjoying Daredevil, I’ll likely check them out when that time comes.

What are your thoughts on Daredevil? I dare you to leave a comment telling me


8 thoughts on “I Dared To Watch Daredevil

  1. You are the first person I’ve seen who wasn’t in raptures over Daredevil and that’s so refreshing. I thought it was GORGEOUS but it was much more of a gritty crime thriller than a sci-fi or superhero thing which was weird given that the main character chooses to dress up in a costume in a NYC where the Avengers are a thing. Like, you can’t explore that idea a little more maybe? I don’t read comic books (for many many reasons) but I’m vaguely certain that a lot of the stuff I thought was just sort of hand-waved away (like what the hell kind of chemicals give people super-human senses anyway?) would come into play in later seasons. This one was way focused on the mafia story and I feel like AS a mafia/crime/vigilante story it was successful. But I tend to find those kinds of shows exhausting to watch so I was “meh” on the series overall. (Which is something I don’t suggest saying on Twitter unless you want to get flayed.)

    I also love that you mentioned Arrow because I’ve watched the first two seasons (though it has an annoying habit of going straight for the most obvious or stupidly preachy points possible) and Daredevil’s plot is so close to the first season of Arrow that it was hard for me to separate them. In that respect, it was kind of boring. Like, you can even put a twist on this? I get the impression I’m going to have to watch it again.

    • Yeah, the chemicals/senses bit is what I was waiting for, and I wasn’t overly satisfied with what we got. Did the chemicals give him senses or was he born with them and used the blindness to activate them? And how does one practice that to the magnificent extent that he had? Because it wasn’t set up like a normal, chronological origin story, we may never know. Perhaps the comics said so, but like you, I don’t read any.
      I only saw four episodes of Arrow, the ones with Barry Allen because I watch The Flash and was confused as to how he tied in. But I can understand how DD is like Arrow in the sense of good versus evil and how both Oliver and Matt aren’t the most ethical of heroes compared to other superheroes. It’s an interesting concept but I’m not going to watch all of Arrow for it.
      Thanks for commenting! 😀

      • Me too! I was like “this is fun, and if they explain the chemicals I think I will love it!” It was very stylized but it’s almost like it got SO stylized they forgot to mention, oh yeah, there’s some superhero stuff going on in here. They might get to it later (like who was the dude with the scars and the incense that his mentor went to see???) but it felt unfinished.

        The Arrow/Daredevil parallels are intense. The first season of Arrow is a wealthy citizen who has such a beef with a “bad” neighborhood that he forms a secret conspiracy with other rich people to destroy the neighborhood and rebuild it to his “cleaner” standards. The only real difference between Arrow and Daredevil was that the vigilante superhero in Arrow is rich, while in Daredevil he’s just your average guy. It’s basically Marvel flavored instead of DC flavored. Watching Daredevil felt SO much like a recap of Arrow for me it was hard to get through sometimes, and I don’t even like Arrow that much.

        (Sorry I keep commenting, I’m totally desperate for discussion so I’ll probably be back!)

        • The show is clearly set up for another season, so that’s when we’ll see the random dude the mentor was talking to. Showing him just for that sec was just to prove that the mentor wasn’t a good guy and there’ll be more to him.
          And it’s good to know that I’m not missing much in Arrow.
          I love discussion too, so come back as many times as you want! 😀

  2. Actually, I’m fairly certain the guy Stick was talking to will come back more in the Defenders miniseries, though his presence may or may not be felt in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist as well. I’m fairly certain the same can be said of that mysterious “Chinese” lady, Madame Gao. When she says she’s going home, and it’s a good distance further away than China is from New York? You can’t get much farther away than that without leaving the planet altogether!

    I am so excited for more! (Marvel fan-boy here) 🙂

    And I would argue that you ARE missing much in Arrow. But perhaps that’s just me, and not the phenomenal acting, the great characters, and the gripping, multi-threaded plot. 😉

    • I guess it may depend when we get S2 of DD compared to S1 of the others. I know Jessica Jones is set to air late this year but I don’t know about the other two.
      Either way, I’m excited as well! I hope the other shows are as great as Daredevil.
      I’ve considered watching Arrow many times, but every time I catch an episode or read something I’m just really confused or uninterested. Like, what’s this ancient assassins club thing going on now? Seems lame…. (no offense). So I’ll stick to watching episodes involving Barry Allen or Olicity (I love them).

      • I keep hearing bits and pieces about the Netflix shows, but at this point I’m just going to wait for Marvel’s official announcements for Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Defenders, thank you very much! Everyone else is like, “These shows are this year, no next year, in this order, no that order!” (rolls eyes) LOL
        Feel free to read my Daredevil review! It has my spoiler-free thoughts on the show. Including spoilers, I can see two major connections to the Defenders: Stick’s shadow war with that faction of Japanese ninjas or whatever they were, and Madame Gao apparently living really far away… oh, and she sends Daredevil flying. I could believe crippling him, even taking him down, but sending him through the air? There is voodoo at work! 😉
        I know they’ve already ordered a second season of Daredevil, but I’ve no idea when it’ll come out. (wistful sigh, wanting more…)
        As for Arrow… well, if you watch it from the beginning, of course, things make more sense. 😉

        • I think S2 of DD will air around around the same time it did this year, or so I’ve heard. I don’t think that’s official, though.
          I don’t know much about these shows so I can’t make predictions about plot connections. So it’ll all be new and exciting for me when they happen!

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